Thursday, January 3, 2008

Axis2, Take 1... Developing POJO based Services

I spent most of the last year developing using AXIS 1.3 ... Today I'm really happy with AXIS2 because of the Plug-and-play capabilities when it comes to publishing services. I'm rewriting a J2EE application I wrote 6 years ago using the latest technologies, and of course publishing the Interfaces using AXIS2.

First of all, install Axis2 service on your application service of choice (Tomcat, in my case). Then, start with the development of the aar POJO service: specifying the methods of the Interface, then describing the type of the messages (in-out, in only, out only) on the services descriptor file. After running the WSDL generator, one can customize the design or integrate with your own schema catalog (in case one exists). The next step is just to publish the service on the Upload tool from the Axis2 application.

The POJO implementation might be really slow, since there are other possibilities on how to implement the services using different techniques such as the use of an XML Pullparser, thus, giving direct implementation performance improvements to the developer. I have the idea to measure the execution of different implementations of services, analyzing development and deployment strategies. Everything would just differ on the deployment automation scripts and patch generation.

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